Organizing Art Supplies: Functional and Pretty

All of our art activities take place at the kitchen table, which is also open to the kitchen, and the living room.  Everything between the three rooms can be seen from the front door, and I mean everything.  (In fact, my kitchen sink is the first thing people see when they walk in; I have become really good at keeping it free from dirty dishes!).

Anyhoo, we also have very little in the way of storage space.  We designating two of our kitchen cupboards as a pantry for food storage.  So, if it’s not edible, it doesn’t make the cut. 

So, instead of taking up any valuable kitchen real estate, I made use of this blue secretary, that sits between the eating area and the living room.  It had originally housed pretty dishes and teapots, and then some decorating odds and ends that weren’t being ‘displayed’ at the moment.  (They still were kind of being displayed I guess, just less obviously).

I had some glass canisters I was no longer using (they had previously been used to hold powdered baby formula on the counter) and I decided to fill one up with the little play-doh containers that were constantly spread across the kitchen counter.  I had originally stored them in boxes, downstairs in the playroom.  But it was a pain to go and retrieve them every time we wanted to create, which is daily (and realistically, it took me days to return them to their proper places).  So I took the top shelf from the blue secretary and ordained it as the ‘art shelf’.  I then scrounged around for other clear containers that could house other art supplies.

I still use the other shelves to house some ‘pretty’ things, although, now that I look at it could use a little re-organization itself!

Even the plastic ones aren’t too bad.  Not perfection, but still pretty.

I also used the top two drawers to house paper, paints, yarn, and any other art supplies we use consistently.

I always appreciate homes that, when I enter, it is evident that people LIVE there.  They give off a warmth, a ‘come sit down and put your feet on the coffee table’ vibe.  This probably wouldn’t be a home stager’s advice for your home (I don’t think the artwork taped on the wall would make the cut either)!  But I love the personalization of space.  I love how it says that this is where we play and create, come join us!  And I love the bright, unexpected ‘pops’ of color!  And I don’t think it looks too shabby either!

Happy organizing!
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July 14, 2011. Home, Inspiration, Uncategorized.

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