Outdoor Chalk Painting

It never fails, one of my children wants to do a particular activity (in this case ‘mowing’ the lawn) and the other one has absolutely no intention of going along with that idea, and has a specific one of her own (art project anyone?).  Most of the time we have to compromise, “We will go outside and play first, then when we come back inside, we will paint.”  (I’ll let you guess how that usually turns out, cue lots of whining in the background).

And sometimes we come up with a way to make everyone happy simultaneously.  Sometimes.

Here was our solution on this particular Saturday morning (little brother just had to be outside because his daddy was mowing, and apparently mowing the yard is the coolest thing ever when you’re two (don’t worry, I kept him far away from the part of the yard my husband was mowing at the time) :

Painting outside using sidewalk chalk, paintbrushes, a shallow plastic bowl filled with water and butcher paper.  I had intended for L to paint on our sidewalk, but she was determined to paint on paper, so that she could later showcase her work.

Let your child draw whatever they wish using the chalk.

Then, using the paintbrushes dipped in water, they can paint over the drawing.

It gives it a nice ‘watercolor’ effect (or is it affect? I always forget).

This was a big hit with my daughter, although you have to be careful when ‘painting’ on the paper, because it can easily tear if it gets too wet.

Everyone’s happy, success!

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July 15, 2011. Art, Education, Family.

One Comment

  1. Stephanie replied:

    It’s “effect,” which is the outcome of something. “Affect” is the influence of something, like “How does Brother’s lawn mowing affect L’s art project?” Love the pic of Brother mowing the sidewalk :)

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