Hall Bathroom Redo

For my birthday this year my husband and family were gracious enough to help fund my ‘I want to update and beautify my bathroom’ project.  It wasn’t a huge remodel undertaking, no ripped up flooring or re-configuring the layout.  Just a few updates, and of course lots of painting.  I’ve noticed I have a thing for painted furniture.  It is the  cheapest and easiest way to take a piece from ‘ehhh’ to ‘WOW!’.  But I digress……  I really wanted to make the bathroom kid friendly, without being too ‘themey’ (nothing against rubber ducks, we have our fair share, I just didn’t want them greeting me or my guest at every turn).  ”Hello! QUACK. Come on in! QUACK.  Have a seat right over there! QUACK.  Don’t forget to wash your hands! QUACK.”  I think only my two-year old would appreciate the ‘everywhere you look there’s a duck’ theme.  So maybe it’s more ‘mommy friendly’; it’s just easier to put it on the kids,”But dear, it’s for the children….”  Again, I digress… this bathroom also functions as a guest bath, so I also wanted it to be comfortable for the occasional adult inhabitant too.

Here is how it looked before, and since I’m terrible at remembering to take before pics, the mirror  and light fixture had already been removed-oopsy.

Lavender walls (the color is actually a Sherwin Williams paint call Crushed Violet and it was stunning in my daughter’s nursery, but that room also had a lot of natural light), maple-ish colored cabinetry, all perfectly fine, but lacking some personality and coherency.

The part of the wall near the counter top was a creamy white tile back splash.  It really wasn’t bad-looking at all, but I had to remove it to make way for the bead board, and let me tell ya’, that was a good time!

Tense? Angry? Frustrated?  Then I highly recommend knocking out back splash tile (just be sure you wear your safety goggles!).

And here is the after (almost 3  months later, we took our sweet time):

I painted the vanity in four steps.  First, I sanded everything down.  Then (after wiping it clean) I completely skipped the primer step and went straight to painting it that blue/green aqua color that I am apparently obsessed with.  I wanted to leave a little bit of the wood grain showing through, since I was planning on sanding it down to give it a nice ‘distressed’ appearance anyway.  When that was very dry  (sanding tacky paint is highly unsuccessful, I wouldn’t know from experience or anything) I took a hand sander and went around all the drawer front and cabinet edges (the cabinet doors were removed) using a fine grit sand paper.  After wiping those down with a damp cloth I applied a sealant that typically is applied over stained surfaces but since this room gets so much ‘moisture’ (in the form of splashing at bath time) I wanted to make sure it was really well sealed.

In an earlier post I had mentioned that we had to tear all the bead-board down and start over.  No Fun.  At All.  The reason we had to tear the bead board out?  We used the wrong kind of sealant to seal all the edges and cover all the nail heads.  Silicone sealant (it said kitchen and bath, which we thought, “Oh yeah, it’s for a bathroom, this is what we need.” Wrong.) is not paintable.  The paint just kept beading up and it looked AWFUL.  We tried to just scrape out all the sealant, but it turns out that even though things don’t stick to silicone (at all), silicone sticks VERY well to whatever it’s been applied to (which seemed to be just about everything at the time).  None of it was salvageable.  Live and learn.  And then use siliconized sealant (like that’s not confusing at all).  And increase your budget (or have a more practical budget to begin with!).

And here is the breakdown of what we used and where we purchased it from:

  • Bead board paneling (the composite, pre-finished kind)-Lowes
  • Trim (1in)-Lowes
  • Oval swivel mirror (Delta-oil rubbed bronze)-Lowes
  • Light fixture (Delta-in oil rubbed bronze)-Lowes
  • Faucet ( Price pfister-in oil rubbed bronze-Lowes
  • Drawer pulls/towel ring/toilet paper holder/soap pump (again in an oil rubbed bronze finish, except for the soap pump which is a nice shiny nickel finish)-Target
  • Silicone Siliconized Sealant – white, Lowes
  • Bead board paint color -Valspar’s Woodlawn Dewkist soft gloss kitchen and bath enamel (this is a very white white) -(Lowes)
  • Wall paint color-Rice Grain, semi-gloss (Sherwin Williams)
  • Vanity color  - Custom color match to the turquoise stripe in the shower curtain, flat finish and Helmsman indoor/outdoor water based urethane, clear (Sherwin Williams)
  • Shower curtain and hand towel- generous sister-in-law donation (they were originally from Pottery Barn several years ago)
  • The frame, basket, stepping stool and little lamp (that I currently use as a bow holder) I previously owned.

This room is not quite finished (I just noticed that the outlet covers aren’t on in the pics I posted-oops.  You’ll just have to use your imagination!).   The kids and I have been working on some DIY artwork for the wall. Hopefully we’ll be finishing that up soon.

And speaking of art, where would you hang it?   Lower on the bead-board, or above the bead board on the wall?  I’m at a loss, suggestions would be much appreciated!

So there you have it.  Our tiny little bathroom for our tiny little people (and the occasional regular sized person too)!  :)

And if you’re curious to see what we did with the old bathroom mirror, you can check it out here.

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July 20, 2011. Home, Inspiration.


  1. Jenae {I Can Teach My Child!} replied:

    It looks amazing, Kristen!!!

  2. Sara Herrington Brown replied:

    Oh my goodness! I LOVE it!! I’m getting ready to re-do a dresser in our bedroom right now and I hope it turns out that cute. Way to go!

  3. Mercedes Hayes replied:

    You have a gift! That is for sure! Can you decorate my house. lol. I still have all garage sale furniture!

  4. kristenjbaird replied:

    I would love to Mercedes! You should check out our bedroom, it was all garage sale rejects that needed a little TLC. I’m tellin ya’, paint is a miracle worker!

  5. Stephanie replied:

    Looks great, Kristen! Hope we can get up there for a visit soon and see it in person :) I think hanging the art on the beadboard could be really cool – maybe in a frame from a ribbon/bow to continue the “beachy cottage” feel. I love it!

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  7. Monika replied:


  8. DIY- ‘In This House We Do’ Sign « Paintbrushes and Peonies replied:

    [...] After I laid out the boards in the correct, ‘this looks perfectly equally distressed’ order, my hubby decided to indulge me and cut out backing using bead board we had leftover from our little hall bath redo, which you can see here. [...]

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