A nod to a few of my favorite things….

  I just received the fall issue of The Land of Nod catalog and I found one too many items to drool over.  They have an eclectic mix of children’s furniture and bedding that brings together modern sensibility with a nod (pun intended) back to the classic.  I really like it.  Think streamlined and clean, but with lots of fun thrown in.  Here are just a few of the things I was into:

First for the girls:
Pink petticoat ruffled curtains, I’m in little girl heaven.  Who else thinks we should bring back petticoats?
This sweet little bird-cage is a music box, but when you wind it up the bird tweets.  Adorable.

I love love love iron beds.  They are so vintage and feminine and timeless.  And with this one you don’t have to worry about lead laced paint. :)

I thought these little lamps were too sweet.  I love how the birds are conspicuously perched underneath the shade.  And they’re distressed. *squeal*

I think I would spend many an hour playing in this tent.  Heavenly.

And now for the boys in our life:
I have a slight robot obsession.  Or maybe my son does and it’s rubbed off on me.Brother is really into puzzles right now and I thought this one looked like too much fun.

I keep seeing maps in playrooms and boys’ rooms.  Love them.  And I really love the colors in the hemispheres one.

More robots.  I thought one of these funky pillows would really add a pop of fun to a more traditional little guy’s room.

And for the mathematician in all of us (or those of us that wish we could have become one through osmosis), a math happy pillow.

So maybe that was more than a few, I couldn’t help myself.

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July 22, 2011. Inspiration.


  1. Mercedes Hayes replied:

    I love the math pillow and the tent looks like way too much fun!

  2. Stephanie replied:

    I love ruffles on curtains! I keep seeing them on shower curtains, but refrain from buying them because I can only imagine Taylor’s face if I brought one home and hung it up! So cute, though :)

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