We seem to accumulate a lot of things.  And sometimes I find it overwhelming, the amount of toys and tiny little trinkets we have everywhere.  It almost seems like they multiple during the night and then scatter themselves around the house with reckless abandon…..maybe that’s going too far, but I think you get the point-we have too. much. stuff.

I am in the process of starting a new habit for us as a family:  getting rid of our stuff.  We now have a medium-sized basket that sits downstairs and whenever a toy has repeatedly offended me by not finding a good place to hide reside, he or she goes into the basket.  I probably shouldn’t characterize and then punish the toys-it will traumatize the children.  Okay, so not really, but I do want to get my children in the habit of giving things away, and I also have a deep fear of raising hoarders-so it’s a win-win situation.

Do you have any solutions for de-cluttering your home or life?  Please share!

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July 28, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Stephanie replied:

    When we were growing up, my mom would make us “clean out our toys” twice a year – once right before Christmas and once right before the summer. She told us that we had to get rid of toys to make room for new ones, and since we all have summer birthdays, the rule applied to Christmas and birthday presents. Once or twice, we would cry and make a scene over a toy, even if mom insisted that we never played with it (which was usually true), but as an adult, I am so thankful that she made us do this. I am now in the habit of going through my closet, drawers, etc. twice a year and donating the things that I no longer need or use to those who need them more. I follow subconcious rules, like “I don’t need new winter outfits until I get rid of some of the things I never wear,” before I can go out and buy new things. Maybe something routine like this will get L and Brother involved in making decisions about what toys to keep and which toys to donate to someone else :)

    • kristenjbaird replied:

      I think I need to make some subconscious rules for myself too! Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  2. Mercedes Hayes replied:

    We have an Amvets bag that our extras go in and the amvets come by every five weeks to pick up stuff, so it is an easy way to get rid of clutter and donate to charity at the same time.

    • kristenjbaird replied:

      Great idea! And then we don’t have to load up all the stuff and take it somewhere else!

  3. Sara Herrington Brown replied:

    My mom did this same thing (only she didn’t follow through). My mom is a bit of a sentimental person herself, so if my sister and I got upset or cried because a toy was going away, my mom usually let us keep it. And then we too became sentimental pack rats haha. It wasn’t until I had a house of my own that I learned to clean out and get rid of things and it’s a wonderfully refreshing feeling! Keep it up with your kiddos and follow through with it! You’re teaching them that their things don’t have power over them as well as a charitable spirit and both are wonderful character traits. You are such a great mom!

  4. kristenjbaird replied:

    I love the idea of helping my children realize that things don’t have power over them, what a great way of looking at it, thanks!

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