DIY: Ballerina Mirror and Barre

Remember the recently renovated bathroom I posted about here?  Well, since the large mirror was removed and replaced by that charming little oval number, we ended up having a really large mirror that we were sure would be good for something…….and then it became clear…..

Yes, that is my daughter admiring her ballerina-self in the oven door.

Every aspiring ballerina needs her own mirror and bar to  admire herself  practice on, right?  So the engineer, being the loving and doting father that he is, went straight to work.

Oh, and here is L’s room.  Not too bad huh?  If I’m ever home alone (which is extremely rare) this is where I hang out.  Seriously.  The girls got the prettiest room in the house.  And the color on the walls, it’s Fair Maiden (Valspar), the softest, most beautiful shade of pink ever (it almost looked white on the swatch, it’s that light).  Anyways, I’ll save the breakdown of how this room came to be for another post, I thought I would just share what we’re working with…..

This is the wall we decided to hang the mirror.  When the door is closed, it allows for lots of room for plies and arabesques.

So the Saturday we decided to tackle to ballet practice area,  my dear sweet husband went into the storage room to retrieve the mirror, and *gasp* tragedy struck.  Tragedy in my world consists of very small irrelevant things, like chipped glass, but I never seem to see them that way at the time.

A chipped corner of the mirror….cue wailing and very unpleasant sounds from me….”But this was only going to take an hour, what are we going to do with a broken mirror?  How could you be so careless, I would have never broken the extremely large, heavy, very difficult to move and impossible to carry mirror!”  What can I say?  I’m a work in progress.

Here is the unsightly offending shard.  I can barely stand to look at it.

But as always, my dear husband, ever the voice of reason in this house, assured me that he would come up with a solution and that all was not lost.  The ballerina mirror would prevail……
And as always, he came through with a brilliant plan.  He designed corner pieces to use to hold up the mirror and – get this – conceal the unsightly chip - genius!

He also came up with the cute scalloped design on each corner….but I’m supposed to claim I did, because what kind of man comes up with scallops?  One who loves his little girl (and his wife who is really just a ballerina loving four-year old herself), that’s who.  (And I love that they look like little hearts). :)

Here’s the plan stan.  For anyone who is detail – minded (that does not include myself by the way).  The corner scallops were cut out of 1/4 in. plywood, using a dremel with a jigsaw attachment.  The inside of each corner piece has a little ‘ledge’ around the edge that the mirror will actually sit in.  My husband used wood glue to secure it in place until we mounted it on the wall with dry wall anchors.

Then we secured it into the wall studs using drywall anchors, four for each corner.  I think each anchor can support 50 lbs, and there’s four on each corner, so yeah, it’s secure.

Those black screw heads were a little unsightly, so I covered them up with a little white paint.  If you really want to hide em’ good, go back over with some putty, sand it smooth, and then paint.  But only if you are planning on the mirror hanging up for a long, long time, like forever.

That’s better.

The bar was just a large dowel rod that cost us a whopping $5 and the brackets to hold it on to the wall (the same kind that are used to hold up stairway handrails, were a mere $2.50 a piece, not bad).  And the mirror was FREE!  And since we already owned the paint and the plywood, we spent right around $10.00 for the entire project.  Of course, if you purchased a mirror from a home improvement store, they run around $200 for that size (yikes!).  But places like Habitat for Humanity’s Re- Store, Craigslist or even your local Goodwill may be a great place to find a large mirror (in fact my mother just informed me that she sees them on Craigslist quite often), builders like to put them in new homes (because their easy and relatively cheap) sounds a bit dirty…. anyways and people like me come along and rip them out visualizing bigger and better things for their bathroom (or in my case smaller and swivelier).  And I seriously doubt most people have a need for a large bathroom mirror anywhere else in their home……unless they have a four-year old who loves to dance.  :)

And finally…..completion.

Our little ballerina thoroughly enjoying her parents Saturday afternoon all day and into the night efforts.

I think she likes it…..

July 29, 2011. Home, Inspiration.


  1. Hall Bathroom Redo « Paintbrushes and Peonies replied:

    [...] And if you’re curious to see what we did with the old bathroom mirror, you can check it out here. [...]

  2. Stephanie replied:

    Very cool! I’m sure L loves that!!

  3. Jenae {I Can Teach My Child!} replied:

    Amazing! Every little girl’s dream! :)

  4. Sara Herrington Brown replied:

    Oh I love it! I want one in my room now :)

  5. Mercedes Hayes replied:

    What a cute idea. She is so lucky to have ingenious parents!

  6. Mercedes Hayes replied:

    Okay so I have tried to like your facebook page five times now. Am I not getting the hint?

  7. Charity Barber replied:

    Kristen, I love, love London’s mirror and room! I wish I was as creative as you are. You are so talented. Love the pictures of London practicing around the mirror. She is a sweetie! Eliana is always showing me her ballerina dances. She would love a ballerina mirror in her room. Love all of your ideas! Keep it up!

  8. Christi replied:

    I love this mirror and bar! London must be very happy! (I noticed in the picture she was standing on her tiptoes. Be careful, this can stunt growth in feet.)

  9. Ginna replied:

    I love it! Did you make the ledge for it to sit in? Does some plywood come like that or did you dremel a cut-out? And did you put the bottom 2 brackets up, put the mirror in, and then put the top 2 up?

    A good place for big mirrors is the Habitat nearest to a resort remodeling/updating condos. I got mine in Charleston, SC at the Habitat nearest to Kiawah on Johns Island.

    Thanks for the idea!

  10. Tee replied:

    I love this! We’re turning 1/4 of our VERY large basement into our daughters dance/gymnastic/music room…..but I’ve looked EVERYWHERE for a mirror big enough (I want the full size of the wall. So far no luck! Your daughter has a beautiful room! I’m assuming you designed it?

  11. Angie replied:

    What size is your mirror? I am going to do this in my daughters room too!

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