They just don’t get along

Here is my weekend project.  I’ve been meaning to paint these bar stools ever since, well, I painted them.  They were a garage sale find, that I paid a whopping $7 a piece for.  Not too bad.  When I saw them I immediately knew that I was going to paint them some happy, ‘we’re at the pool’ aqua color.  And I did.  And I’m sorry.

The color itself isn’t so bad, but it doesn’t quite (like not at all) go with some of the other furniture pieces I have in the room.  In fact they kind of clash.  Ewwww.

I had every intention of painted that dark green console, a nice creamy white or maybe even black.  But now I kind of like it.  It has made itself a part of our family living room and I think for now I’m going to leave it alone and I’m also just completely afraid I might ruin it.  I have no problem painting cheapo garage sale finds, but really nice pieces of furniture is another story (plus this one was given to me by my aunt-I’m slightly sentimental too).  I might, however, get the nerve up to re-stain the top a nice rich mocha color one day, we’ll see.

Anyway, back to the bar stools.  That’s them peeking around the corner making an unsightly scene again (they’re troublemakers those two).  So the question is what color?  White is always a safe bet (apparently it’s the Botox of the design world)  but I’ve been seeing a lot of yellow lately, and I have my fair share scattered around the kitchen and living room, so that might be fun, right?  I figure if I mess it up again, I can always throw them to curb try again.  Maybe they’ll end up with a nice ‘layered’ look when I done.  If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears eyes.

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August 12, 2011. Home.


  1. Stephanie replied:

    You know I love the aqua, but I think a white or a yellow could be pretty too!

  2. Mercedes Hayes replied:

    Make them match you kitchen made mixer. : )

  3. Erin replied:

    I LOVE the color of the barstools and since I’m your aunt, I give you my blessing to repaint the green console. Personally, I love that your home isn’t all matchy-matchy and you have different greens and blues throughout. But if you want them to agree more, I would look at each piece individually and decide which you love more, then paint the other.

    • kristenjbaird replied:

      Thanks Erin! Since you’re the design expert, which would you paint, and what color would you paint it?

  4. Beth replied:

    Nooooo!!! I love the aqua twins! They look amazing! Paint the console, but leave the twins. :) (She said calmly). Love you.

  5. stacia kliewer replied:

    First thought is to paint the bar stools to match the chairs in the dining area. I would probably also paint the console that same color and darken the top as you suggested – let the desk be the pop of color in the room. Bring in color with pillows, window coverings, etc.

  6. Brittany replied:

    I like all the different colors of blue/green that you have, so I don’t even think you need to paint them! (I however am not an expert) I think yellow would be very pretty too and go well with all of the red in your kitchen.

  7. anne replied:

    You could paint them to match the blue cabinet next to the fireplace…

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