Sink or Float

With summer drawing to a close, the kids and I decided we’d fit in as much ‘water fun’ as the day would allow.  This activity was super simple, we just used items from around the house, and it was a big hit with both ages.

First, round-up a bunch of toys/household items that you don’t mind getting wet.  Then let your little scientists make predictions as to what will happen to each item when it’s dropped into a tub of water, sink or float?  I labeled two plastic tubs so that they could sort them into those.


Then, head on over to your ‘tub’ and let the submerging  (or floating) begin. :)  We used our backyard water-table, but any tub (or sink) would work just fine.  Just be sure you monitor your little ones AT ALL TIMES when playing around containers filled with water.
After the toys proved themselves to be sinkers or floaters (sorry-that sounds a bit wrong), we sorted them back into the correct tubs.  Then let the analysis begin.  ”Were your predictions right?”  ”What caused some items to sink?”  ”To float?”  ”Did anything surprise you?”  You may want to record your child’s original predictions so that they can remember what they had thought each item would do.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how you look at it), my daughter’s memory is a steel trap, so there was no need. :)

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August 22, 2011. Education.

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