Fireplace Redo-Phase 1

It only took me a week and a half  to go from this:

To this:

It’s a minor improvement, but I love it nonetheless.

The room feels brighter, lighter, happier.  And it’s a change.  I thrive on change.  And routine.  I’m complex like that (or thoroughly confused). :)

Now for the mantle.   That mirror isn’t doing much for me.  And I don’t think it will do much more for me if I paint it.  That’s where the master plan comes in……..

Sorry, I’m fine tuning it  a bit, but think-stacked stone, built in’s and more creamy white paint.  I’ll get back with the details asap.

And if your curious as to what color we used, it is a very creamy off-white that I had custom matched to our dining chairs a while back, but it is very close to Valspar’s Crisp Linen (it’s just a little more off-white).  I primed everything with a oil-based primer (after a good “sand” down with liquid sander) and then applied two topcoats of a latex enamel.  I have painted several pieces using the enamel paint, and I LOVE it.  It has a nice  smooth, hard finish and I have found that is stretches (and peels) less than a regular ol’ latex.  But be sure to let it cure for several days (if not a week) before you place anything on it.  It seems to take a bit of time to harden (that could also be due to the fact that I put it on way too thick-I have a patience problem).  That is why (if you look closely) I have dish towels under all the things I placed back up there.  I might be impatient, but I did take the time to find white dish towels and place them down first.  That’s progress in my world.  Looking forward to sharing the rest of the plan.  And if you have any ideas for the mirror, I’d love to hear ‘em, maybe there’s still hope for it yet!

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August 23, 2011. Home, Inspiration.

One Comment

  1. Beth replied:

    Looks fantastic Kristen! You did what I always wanted to do. Your my hero!

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