Sprinkled Animal Letters

That’s the best name I could come up with for this activity.  I need caffeine.  Or a nap.  Maybe both.

 Anyways, this little art sensory activity was lots of fun, and I already had everything on hand that I needed.  Preparation and organization did not make the top five (or twenty) in my skill set. ;)

For this activity all you need is paper, markers, glue, and any small ‘sprinkly’ item.  We used sprinkles and white chocolate chips,  but there are many other things that would work, (rice, dark chocolate chips (yum), dried beans, uncooked pasta, glitter, beads, ect.).

*If you opt to use something as yummy as chocolate be prepared for the majority of it to not make it onto the paper). :)  And this activity is best suited for older children, since the art medium is bound to wind up in a youngin’s mouth.  :)

First, we decide what letter we were going to ‘make’ into an animal.  L chose B for butterfly and brother told me he wanted “Sssssssssss.”  (That is snake in our house). :)  I’m all about the happy faces today.  Apparently I need all the encouragement I can get.

After we drew out our letter/butterfly/snake, we got down to decorating them.

Oh how they love to sprinkle.

And consume large quantities of sugary white chocolate chip goodness.

This made for a great sensory activity, as well as good practice for fine tuning those fine motor skills.  It also took care of snack time.  That is one succesful art project in my book.

Viola!  A butterfly (with scales and all)!  Hair brushing is optional in our house.

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September 1, 2011. Art, Education.

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