The Butterfly Project

L and brother share a bedroom upstairs and we have been trying to figure out a way to personalize each one’s space.  Well, thanks to the insane and never ending amount of ideas on Pinterest, we found this inspiration.

And here is our version, (in progress).  (I apologize for the bed, it stays made for about 1.2 seconds-but that’s okay, that’s what beds are for anyway, right?  That and sleeping.) :)
L and I went paper shopping, and picked out some of her favorite colors to make the butterflies.

I used patterned paper underneath, and solid colors for the top-I was worried about how busy it would look if there were too many patterns going on, so I tried to keep it subtle (as subtle as butterflies fluttering on the walls can be). :)
This combination is L’s favorite.I used doubled sided tape to stick them together and then to the wall.  I haven’t had a problem with them falling off, or with the tape taking off the paint-but you can also use wall putty if that is a concern.

L loves having the butterflies “flying above her”, especially at bed time.  It’s not quite complete, but it is fun to add to as we go along.I love that L loves it, and also that it was a relatively inexpensive way (I think we spent a total of $15 on the paper) to add personalized art to that bare corner of the room (which I refer to as ‘the nursery’-I know that the time are babies will enjoy sleeping together in a tiny space will not last forever). :)
 Next up…….brother’s side of the room

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November 8, 2011. Art, Home, Inspiration.

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  1. Tiki Bighouse replied:

    I love the “In this House” sign, have seen it before but after seeing yours, I have to do one!! Thanks for the inspiration! Blessing to your family!!!

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