Sometimes we all just need a little break

With Mother’s day approaching, my daughter has been scheming about all the wonderful ways that the family is going to ‘spoil’ me.  And the idea she has been most persistent and excited about is serving me breakfast in bed. In her five-year old world that is apparently the coolest. thing. ever.

Which gave me an idea.

Routine is good, necessary (for my sanity) and something that I strive daily to master. But as helpful and calming as a routine can be, a break from routine can be equally satisfying and just that, a break.

So one morning last week I set the kids up with ‘breakfast in bed’ while watching their favorite cartoons.  And they are still talking about it, relentlessly.

It never hurts to add in a little fun in your day either.  We seem to thrive on fun, and the unexpected.  So here’s to more mornings with mismatched pajamas, bed head and slightly sticky sheets. ;)

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May 8, 2012. Family.

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